Working with us

We cordially invite stationary stores, online stores, wholesalers and customers ordering a dozen or so items per month to cooperate with us. To establish cooperation with our company, we invite you to contact us by e-mail. We will individually determine the terms of cooperation for the benefit of both parties.

Are you a vendor?

This is a chance to reach a huge base of business customers – both resellers and integrators – with your product offerings. You can make the most effective use of our B2B channels, including our extensive sales department and sales platform for great customer relationships and easy implementation of B2B projects. Join us now and write to:

Our customers include more than about 1,000 entities in Poland trading consumer electronics. Among the partners we have small and larger companies in the distributed market and network partners ie:

DINO, Media Expert, Komputronik, Euro RTV AGD, Media Markt, Neonet, OleOle!, X-KOM, ABFoto, Play, T-Mobile and others!

Become our Partner

Join our group of Business Partners and immediately enjoy the benefits we offer for you.

We have a proprietary B2B sales platform where you can find our full range of products. We have a skilled sales team both in the office and in the field – read about us. We prepare and conduct a lot of professional training and a wide range of loyalty programs. On top of all this, you will receive support from our consultants in any area of our B2B Partnership.



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